• 2018 Spring Concert, April 12

    Posted on May 29, 2018 by highjr in 2018, Audio/Video.

    Albany State University Symphonic, Concert, and Jazz Bands, in concert.

    April 12, 2018. Billy C. Black Auditorium. A part of the T. Marshall Jones Fine Arts and Lyceum Performance Series, 2017-2018. Albany, GA

    Conductor: Dr. Michael Martin

    “Nabucco”, Overture, Giuseppi Verdi, Arr. by Lucien Cailliet
    “Symphonic Suite, Clifton Williams
    I. Intrada
    II. Chorale
    III. March
    IV. Antique Dance
    V. Jubilee
    “God of Our Fathers”, Claude T. Smith, conducted by Dr. Michael Decuir
    “Army of the Nile”, Kenneth Alford
    “Percussion Interlude”
    “National Emblem”, E.E. Bagley
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